Having Problems Sending or Receiving E-mail?

/Having Problems Sending or Receiving E-mail?

Having Problems Sending or Receiving E-mail?

There was an unexpected change to our DNS servers last night which may prevent users from sending and/or receiving E-mail. If you are experiencing these issues, then please make sure that your E-mail software account settings use the following servers:

Outgoing SMTP Server: mail.atlantisnet.com
Incoming POP3/IMAP Server: mail.atlantisnet.com

If you had to make the server changes above than please verify that your POP3/IMAP account name is entered in the format of:
user%domain.tld (yes, the % sign is correct)

This issue only effects customers using the AtlantisNet shared E-mail server. If you host your own E-mail server or use the E-mail server of another company, then you do not need to make the changes above.

This issue effects only customers who’s E-mail software account settings were set to mail.company.tld where company.tld is your domain name.

This unexpected issue was the result of procedures performed to facilitate the conversion of our E-mail server software from Ipswitch IMail to SmarterTools SmarterMail planned for later this month.

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