Cause of Network Outage Identified?

One of our attempts to get action on this issue has paid off. We have been contacted, and are working with, an extremely knowledgeable network engineer about our circuit. The engineer has determined that a routing issue with one of their core routers may be causing our issue. Unfortunately this router is used by national customers and they need to properly plan for it’s maintenance. It was too late today for them to plan for the maintenance tonight so he has scheduled it for late tomorrow (Tuesday, March 6th, 2007) night.

Therefore, please expect continued network congestion until at least Wednesday morning.

Also note that most Internet services are able to handle the congestion just fine. However, POP3 and IMAP E-mail protocols seem to timeout easily. Therefore please try to download your E-mail at off peak times (before 8AM PST or after 5PM PST). During peak times, please do not let your E-mail client constantly attempt to download mail. This causes additional congestion on our already slow network. Between attempts of receiving E-mail, please shut down your E-mail client. We ask that you try to check your E-mail no more than once every 30 minutes during peak traffic times.

Network Congestion

As expected, all services are online however traffic flowing through our EarthLink connection is at capacity. Therefore please expect slower service from our Santa Ana facility until this issue is resolved. Customers in our Costa Mesa facility are no longer affected by this issue and are running at 100%.

We are still constantly trying to get this issue resolved with MegaPath. They are not being very helpful nor empathic of our situation nor of the effects this is having on our customers and yours. Be assured that additional people are being contacted in hopes that this issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Please bear with us during this time of increased congestion.