Atlantis International, LLC and MX Logic have partnered together to provide advanced anti-spam E-mail filtering.

Here is what the system can do:

* Advanced Spam Blocking
– Proven effective in blocking over 99 percent of all spam.
– System combines the most effective spam-fighting techniques.
– Continually updated to defend against the latest spam threats.
– Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam filtering included.
– Messages that are identified as spam are blocked and delivered to a safe, external quarantine.

* AntiVirus, Worm and Trojan Filtering
– Scanning by McAfee.
– Ability for triple antivirus filtering (McAfee, Sophos, Authentium) for an additional fee.

* Content and Attachment Filtering
– Removes malicious HTML tags.
– Removes all Javascript/Java/ActiveX components.
– Ability to filter E-mail for profanity, racially insensitive content and sexual overtones.
– Blocks executables and script attachments.
– Ability to block other types of attachments or all attachments.
– Messages with blocked attachments can be denied or have the attachment stripped from the message.

* Personalized White / Black Lists
– Ability to white list E-mail addresses and domains.
– Ability to black list E-mail addresses and domains.

* Sophisticated Quarantine Management
– Quarantine holds messages for 7 days.
– Browser based quarantine access.
– Periodic quarantine reports sent to you via E-mail.
– Ability to release quarantined messages to your mailbox.
– Ability to “allows allow” blocked messages to your mailbox.

The cost for this service is $1.65 per E-mail account, per month. E-mail and domain aliases are not charged. Up to 5 E-mail aliases can be setup per E-mail account.

If you would like to signup for this service, please contact