Email Server Update

All queued E-mail messages from 8:30 AM PST have been delivered to user’s mailboxes.

Although we strive to make sure our systems are up 100% of the time, sometimes events happen which are beyond our control. We believe our uptime percentage is one of the best in the industry. The last unplanned network outage was over 1 year ago (on August 20, 2005). Unfortunately, this is the first time in our history of hosting E-mail (since 1996) that we have lost mail due to a hardware failure.

We understand your frustrations with delayed and lost E-mail (we ourselves have lost E-mail as well). However, we ask that you recognize our normal uptime and understand that this was a very unusual and unexpected event. Unfortunately, our redundant systems were not enough to prevent this specific event from happening.

If you use our Cart32 E-Commerce (shopping cart) software and are missing orders, we remind you that you may retrieve all orders via the Cart32 WebAdmin. If you do not remember the URL to the Cart32 WebAdmin, please send an E-mail to along with your domain name and we will send you the URL promptly.

Again we apologize for this outage and thank you for your understanding.

Mail Server Online

Our primary E-mail server ( is now back online.

All mail received since 8:30 AM PST is currently being spooled to user’s mailboxes. Please expect at least one hour for all mail to be delivered. Check here for an update when all mail is available.

Mail received prior to 8:30 AM PST and since your last POP3/IMAP download may have been lost.

You may also notice older mail messages. which you may have already downloaded, in your mailbox. This is due to the mailbox recovery performed today and is normal. You may disregard any duplicate messages.

Need to send/receive an urgent E-mail?

If you need to send and/or receive an urgent E-mail then please create a temporary E-mail account with a free provider.

We suggest the following free services:

Google Gmail
Yahoo Mail
MSN Hotmail


E-mail Server Update

We have found the issue which caused our main E-mail server to fail. Replacement parts have been received from the manufacturer which are currently being installed.

We are also attempting to recover any inbound E-mail received before 8:30 AM PST today. Any E-mail received after 8:30 AM PST today (August 28, 2006) is currently being stored and will be available for you to download once the server is operational.

We hope to post another update shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


Mail Service Down

We are currently aware that most E-mail services are currently unavailable. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Currently we do not have an estimated time of completion. Please check back here for updates.