Early this morning we experienced a partial Internet outage. Our upstream provider MegaPath Networks, stopped forwarding traffic to us via one of our Internet circuits. Our other circuit supplied to us by Earthlink, Inc. was unaffected. This lead to approximately 50% of our visitors to not be able to access our network (visitors coming in through our MegaPath circuit) while the other 50% were able to access our network just fine (visitors coming in through our Earthlink circuit).

Currently we know that local Time Warner (Road Runner) and Cox cable customers come into our network through MegaPath and therefore are unable to access any of our servers. We also know that local SBC and Yahoo DSL customers are able to access our servers since they come into our network through Earthlink.

We are working with MegaPath in trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Although this outage has occurred in our Santa Ana facility, customers in our Costa Mesa facility may be experiencing a loss of connectivity as well. This is due to hosts not resolving from our DNS servers. Our DNS servers are on 2 independent networks in our Santa Ana facility. One is hosted on the MegaPath network and therefore is currently inaccessible. The other is hosted on our multi-homed network and therefore only 50% of visitors are able to see it. This causes visitors to the Costa Mesa network to sometimes not be able to resolve host names. We are currently working on moving our DNS server, which is hosted on the MegaPath network, to our Costa Mesa facility. This will resolve any DNS issues for our Costa Mesa customers. Please note that if you know the IP address of your server, you can access it that way if DNS is not resolving for you.